Mobile OSCommerce

Mobile OSCommerce is a fast, light-weight add-on for OSCommerce, that makes it easy to search, select and buy items from an existing OSCommerce shop with a mobile device. Installation is simple, upload 26 files and add file definitions to includes/filename.php. Designed to upload directly into an existing Installation of OSCommerce OSC to CSS v2. Expect some html and configuration adjustment. (Will also work with OSCommerce 2.2 and 2.3). It uses the existing checkout programming, and should work with most payment and shipping methods.

DEMO(live niora site)
or visit on your IPhone or other smart phone.

Download the files from the google code repository: download mobile oscommerce

Installing Mobile OSCommerce on OSCommerce 2.3 and OSCommerce 2.2RC2a:
To install Mobile OSCommerce on these versions you must replace includes/classes/boxes.php with the same file from OSC to CSSv2. (or paste the additional classes from that file to your includes/classes/boxes.php). You will also need to replace the submit buttons in OSCommerce 2.3, or add an image to the submit buttons.

To direct mobile devices users to the mobile site once installed on your website, you will need to paste in a snippet or two of code. Here’s how:
Smart Phone Detection for Mobile OSCommerce

First published Dec 31, 2010