4 Jquery Features installed on V2. Download from OSCommerce.

Product Tabs
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Product Tabs
Json Add To Cart Mod
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Json Add to Cart
Pretty Photo Lightbox
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Pretty Photo
Superfish Horizontal Menu
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SuperFish Navigation

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Special Features New on Version 2.0:

960 Grid System

This new version, v2.0,
incorporates the
960 grid system.
The 960 grid system greatly facilitates alignment, proportion and
layout issues. It speeds up design, creates consistency and solves
cross browser problems.

JQuery/Json ‘Add to Cart’

Click ‘add to cart’ and without the page refreshing a JQuery lightbox-like popup appears to let the customer know a product has been
added to the cart. Complete with drop downs for options and links to ‘continue’ and ‘checkout’.

JQuery Product Information Tabs

The product information page comes installed with tabbed panels. Infoboxes have been installed to fill the
panels with product reviews, manufacturer info and more.

JQuery SuperFish NavBar

SuperFish JQueryNavigation Bar. Easily modified with it’s own stylesheet. See the Superfish site for neat plug-ins
and tips.

Reorganized Stylesheets

Improved and simplified organization esp. in regards to the product listings makes them far easier to work with.
V2.0 has Separate stylesheets for the jquery components, for text and for the 960 grid system.


The infoboxes have been rewritten to operate inpendently. You can place any infobox anywhere and style it
separately according to where it is located.


Buttons are CSS generated and have their own stylesheet. This feature can revert to standard buttons easily.

Jquery Pretty Photo

Highlight a full size product photo with a professional lightbox popup.

11 thoughts on “OSC-to-CSS V2

  1. i have used your osc-css system i must say it’s very useful for OSC template system.
    but OSC has release new version of oscommerce, does this osc-css compatible with the latest version or you have new version of osc-css for the osc v2.3.1. thank you and great job!

    1. You can upgrade the version of OSC-CSS that you are using to ‘2.3’. It that sense it is compatible. Here’s how: Upgrade OSC to CSS to 2.3.

      You only need to do the upgrade marked (SEC), in other words, the security upgrades. All the other upgrades are things like installing the 960gs system, Jquery features and such. OSC to CSS already has these.

  2. I have osc 2.3.1 installed. does it work on it, or i have to wait for a new version?
    thanks in advance

    1. No, OSC to CSS v2 upgrades the 2.2RC2a only. There will be no OSC to CSS v2 upgrade for 2.3. The reason is that OSC to CSS v2 has many of the features and more of 2.3. 2.3 does have a few security upgrades, but you can easily incorporate those upgrades into OSC to CSS v2.
      I prefer OSC to CSS v2 over 2.3.

      Here is the link to the upgrades:
      Sec upgrades

  3. Be sure you are downloading v2 version 1 does not have 960 grid. Also the gris system has a separate stylesheet.

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