OSCommerce: 3.0 vs 2.3 vs OSC to CSS

What version to use?

  • V3.0

    OSCommerce 3.0 represents an entirely new modular structure. It has updated security features, and a nicer admin and much more. However, it is virtually featureless, a bare bones core, that is not ready for non-developers to use. Many people will find that their web hosts do not have the latest version of php, which 3.0 requires. The thousands of great contributions available for 2.2RC2a will not work on 3.0

  • V2.3

    OSCommerce 2.3 is the first version to get rid of the outmoded OSCommerce table structure, and it incorporates important security features. It has an improved admin. It is different enough from 2.2RC2a that many of the contributions available for 2.2RC2a will not work. Plus the incorporation of the tableless CSS structure is not complete, and awkwardly implemented. For example, it is difficult to add javascript or unique stylesheets to individual pages.

  • OSC to CSS

    OSC to CSS has all the advantages of 2.2RC2a, has the table structure replaced with a superior incorporation of CSS. It some nice JQuery features installed to include a horizontal category menu, pretty photo, and a Json coded ‘add to cart’ feature. The admin and database structure are unchanged from 2.2RC2a so nearly all the contributions available for 2.2RC2a work on OSC to CSS. It just takes a bit of creative html work on the catalog side. An it is not difficult to install the 2.3 security features. This link explains how: update 2.2RC2a security

In summary, OSC to CSS is fast and simple with thousands of contributions available, uses a great tableless structure, has an updated modern look as downloaded, and the security features for 2.3 can easily be incorporated.